Data privacy

We would like to inform you about the legal regulations and how, to what extent and why we record and use your personal data.

General Information
Whenever you retrieve content from our website, some data is automatically collected and used. Due to the nature of the internet, this data has to be processed on a number of servers before your request reaches our web server; therefore, the possibility exists that data is collected and used in third countries (e.g. the United States). Our company has no influence on this process. Aside from these inevitable technical processes, we do not transmit any personal data to countries that are not subject to the EU Data Protection Directive.

If you have questions about our data protection regulation and processes, please do not hesitate to email us at

Retrieving web pages
The following data is collected and used on your behalf in order to deliver web pages. It is saved in log files for a limited time and may be used to analyse technical problems. 

  • Date and time. This allows us to perform time tracking and pinpoint technical problems.
  • IP address: your IP address needs to be collected, so the web server can send you the requested data. The IP address might be shortened in a log file.
  • The data requested: Which file are you requesting? In which subdirectory is it located?
  • The port via which you request data. This information is forwarded automatically by your browser. You use this port to access the requested website.
  • The referring web page: some browsers also send the URL of previously used websites each time a user accesses them.
  • The name of the browser you use to surf the internet. This information is sent automatically by your browser. We may use this information so that the contents can be displayed optimally or in order to solve technical problems related to the browser.
  • The status of the delivery schedule. Here we can detect whether the desired web page exists and has been delivered to you successfully.
  • Miscellaneous: For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that your browser may send additional data to our web server (screen resolution, plugins etc.). We naturally have no influence over this. This data is saved and used in exceptional cases only.