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Authoring Tool

Just open your browser, log-in and start to work: a lot of our clients use our authoring tool DidactiX® to produce web-based training themselves. We’ve developed DidactiX® for convenient and efficient training production. Thanks to its ease of use, authors can create new content and modify already existing training simply.

DidactiX® comes with a variety of templates which allow maximum flexibility and yet make sure that all web-based training complies with your corporate identity. Various test and interaction types support the author in developing compelling training scenarios. The training’s structure is clear and can be modified with just a few clicks.

DidactiX® is able to process different media formats and can publish SCORM-compliant web-based training. The SCORM standard is commonly used in the e-learning industry to transfer a user's learning progress with detailed information to the learning management system.

With DidactiX® we offer you a tool for efficient and modern training development.