We are an e-learning agency which designs, develops and implements web-based training and training management systems for corporations and companies.

Content Development

Can learning be both informative and fun? Yes, it can! Meaningful visual and text concepts, integrated learning interactions as well as professional voice-over narration turn our training into real learning experiences.

We create customised visual worlds for our customers. To do so, we take full advantage of our creative resources and produce high quality images, 2D and 3D animations, photo stories and videos. The output is used in numerous fields of application - it facilitates active learning processes in web-based training, illustrates texts in web-based handbooks, provides explanation in video sequences and adds the motivating touch in trailers and communication campaigns.

All training is produced in HTML or HTML5 and therefore runs on all desktop PCs, laptops and mobile devices. The implementation of XLIFF technology and procedures allows smooth and easy translation workflow. This way, training can be published with ease in different languages.