We are a full-service agency which designs, develops and implements learning management systems and web-based trainings for companies and corporations.

Concepts & Designs

The need for concepts arises at different levels within a company or a particular project. We develop elaborate training strategies to prepare the ground for sustainable workforce development. Each strategy takes the perspectives of all involved parties into consideration and looks at their specific needs and requirements.

Technological concepts are the basis on which systems are developed. They detail the integration of the system into the customer's system landscape.

Content concepts are based on defined learning objectives. The rough concept defines the content structure and outlines the learning scenario. The detailed content concept, also known as script, consists of all texts and describes the required visual components.

Design concepts are based on the corporate identity of the customer and define all aspects of visual appearance. They establish a tight bond between the customer and the target groups - and they are the best examples for our high level of creative aspiration.