We are a full-service agency which designs, develops and implements learning management systems and web-based trainings for companies and corporations.

Authoring Tool

We’ve developed the authoring tool DidactiX® for ideal content production and content management. As a browser-based web technology it can be used from any computer with internet access at any time.

Customers can purchase tailor-made licensing packages if they want to produce in-house training. To qualify all involved e-learning authors, we help define the required levels of competences. The training agenda is tailor-made to each customer. It typically starts with simple content management activities and leads the participant to produce new training single-handedly.

No matter whether it’s converting a PowerPoint presentation into learning goal oriented training modules or creating a highly interactive and multimedia-driven learning environment – it's easy and convenient with our solution.

Our customised training programmes and support packages make sure that authors quickly achieve the desired results.